Prayer Bus Tour #5: Honoring the Native Americans with Love

/Prayer Bus Tour #5: Honoring the Native Americans with Love

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Location: Please meet at the Multi-Cultural Center in Sioux Falls (515 N. Main Ave.) at 1:20 pm. The bus will be leaving at 1:30 pm and heading to Sertoma Park to learn about INPI “to live again” Lakota Sweat Lodge.  


The sweat lodge has given many gifts and shown itself as a ways, to cleanse, release anger, guilt and shame in a safe way.  It brings people together as one.

South Dakota honors the Native Americans on Monday, October 9th, while most of the country observes Columbus Day.  In the spirit of that honoring, this Prayer Bus Tour gives you an opportunity to experience and learn about the Lakota spiritual ritual of the INIPI (“to live again”) sweat lodge.  

Thank you to the organizing Partners:  Pax Christi Southeastern SD Chapter; Multi-Cultural Center of Sioux Falls, Caminando Juntos, Bread for the World, and others.


Josh Grode-Wolters


Call or Text 605.940.1192  



The Lakota term for sweat lodge is Inipi which means “to live again”.  The Inipi is used to repair the damage done to the spirit through mind and body.  The sweat lodge is a place of spiritual refuge with mental and physical healing.  During the purification of one’s spirt, all sense of race, color and religion are set aside, we are all the same, we are one. In the sweat lodge, healing begins for disease, physical, emotional, directional and spiritual.      

The construction of the Lodge is done with flexible branches set into the ground in a circle, approximately 10 feet in diameter. The saplings are bent over and lashed to form a low domed framework approximately 4 to 5 feet high at the center.  Covered in raw hide, canvas or what is available and a pit in the center about 2 feet in diameter and a foot deep.  The door traditionally faces east with the fire mound containing stones.  Around this mound is another partial mound.  These mounds signify the outer universe and the lodge is the womb of the universe from which souls are created anew.

Bringing personal sacred items is allowed, and it is the rule that nothing that is not natural is allowed in the sweat lodge, such as watches, ear rings, gold, solver, eye glasses.  You should wear loose fitting clothing and bring a towel. 

The ritual instructions are to be implemented by an elder, known as the Sweat Lodge Keeper, with at least 8 years’ experience in sweat lodge traditions.  This ensures the safety of the participants and the prayers and rituals are being done according to traditional ways. 

There are many variations and interpretations on the Inipi.  The traditional process has 4 sessions.  The first session is for recognition of the spirit world; the second recognizes courage, endurance strength, cleanliness and honesty.  The recognition of knowledge and prayer is the third session and the fourth session focuses on spiritual growth and healing.

This Native American custom has been implemented at the SD State Penitentiary; treatment centers and places where the need “to live again” is necessary.  The sweat lodge has given many gifts and shown itself as a way to cleanse, release anger, guilt and shame in a safe way.  It brings people together as one.

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