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Presentation Sisters Lenten Retreat

Ken Novak, from Mitchell, South Dakota, will be the featured presenter for the Presentation Sisters’ Lenten Retreat, “Cultivating Hope as ONE…Fostering the Expansive Vision of Jesus”, being held virtually Saturday, February 20, 2021.   This conference will be presented via Zoom conferencing. 

Jesus’s vision was expansive, too much for some people.  “Why does your Teacher prefer to eat with sinners?”  Jesus came to integrate and transform.  This was his brand of love.  God gave us a new commandment:  “Love each other as I have loved you.”  It was a call to wake up!  Look around!  “The kingdom of God is among you.”  Can we see it?  Throughout his presentation, Ken will explore ways to increase our awareness, and courageously answer the call to integrate and transform ourselves and others.  As Jesus began his ministry, he warned us it will take metanoia —a total change of how you think, look and love.  Ken is hopeful that you are willing to take this risk together.

We are excited to announce that this year’s event will be open to all individuals, your virtual bible study groups or whomever may be with you on your Lenten journey.   In lieu of a registration fee, we are asking you to be present to the needs of the people around you and find ways to use your gifts to bring hope to others through your actions and prayer.     

For more information contact Barb Grosz at (605)229-8391 bgrosz@presentationsisters.org  by February 18, 2021.