The Mission Development Office at Presentation Convent produces newsletters to share the Sisters moments in ministry. It is through these publications that we strive to keep our partners, cojourners and friends informed about our ministries and how we continue to live our mission and charism today.

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BizNOW is the magazine for today’s entrepreneur and busy professional filled with relevant and timely business news, compelling stories on innovative thinkers, plus “Smart Biz” articles that offer insight and advice. Beginning in July of 2016, BizNOW and the Presentation Sisters partnered to create a monthly social justice page. The underlying theme in each article is  – Through dialogue our voice becomes clearer. United we are stronger. Justice flourishes. Presentation Sisters and partners of the Sisters write the monthly articles that include various topics on social justice issues. Magazines can be found in various locations across the Midwest, online at, or you can contact the Mission Development office at 605.271.0468 if you would like a copy emailed or mailed to you directly.