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There are many different ways in which you can support the Presentation Sisters’ mission and ministries. We have set up specific funds that support each of our ministries. We also have options for giving to the Sisters’ most needed programs. This allows donors to support our ministries by allowing your gifts to be utilized by the ministry most needing the support at any given time.


Caminando Juntos Hispanic Ministry

Caminando Juntos is an outreach ministry with the Latino population in the Sioux Falls, SD area whose  primary purpose is to help create a welcoming presence and to respond to the needs of Latino immigrants as they seek to become a part of their communities and make a home among us in the United States. Working at this ministry includes Sisters Janet Horstman, Sheila Schnell, Pegge Boehm and lay partner Astrid Rosario. Read more or view photos of this ministry.


Catholic School Scholarship

The Presentation Sisters Catholic School Scholarship was created as a legacy benefiting Catholic education into the future. The Sisters, along with others who believe in Catholic education, have joined together to support students in need.


Cojourner Ministry

Cojourners, lay associates, are baptized persons of any faith who desire to share the spirituality, values and mission of the Presentation Sisters, partnering with the Sisters while they continue their own vocation and career. Sister Darlene Gutenkauf and Cojourner Mary Jane Winter are co-directors for this ministry. Read more or view photos of this ministry.


General Operating

Gifts to General Operating will assist with the daily needs of the Sisters and operation of Presentation Heights.


Hispanic Outreach Ministry – NE South Dakota

Sister Myra Remily works with Latino families and individuals in Aberdeen, SD area. The focus of this ministry is on advocacy as she provides assistance with many different types of needs. Read more or view photos of this ministry.


Presentation Sisters’ Good Samaritan Fund for Adults and Children

The Good Samaritan fund for adults and children helps families statewide in times of need. The Sisters work to assist during unforeseen circumstances. Many times this form of assistance comes with a child’s medicine, high electric bill in the winter months, a portion of the rent, etc. Our goal is to keep families in their homes and together. People are referred to the Sisters for assistance by local groups such as County Offices, homeless shelters or shelters for domestic violence.


Kaoma Ministry, Zambia, Africa

Sister Virginia McCall joined this collaborative ministry of Presentation Sisters from Ireland, India, Zambia and the US in 2007.  The primary purpose of Sister Virginia’s ministry is to assist the people in becoming self-sustainable. Read more or view photos of this ministry.


L.I.V.E. Hispanic Leadership Camp, Omaha, Nebraska

Leading Individuals, Voicing Equality (L.I.V.E.) is a Leadership Camp for junior high Latina girls in Omaha, NE.  This camp encourages Latinas to seek higher education and provides a basis for building their self-esteem through proactive reflection on their lives, preparing them to take the role of leadership seriously. Read more or view photos of this ministry.


Leadership Camp, Black Hills of South Dakota

The Presentation Sisters Leadership Camp goals include providing a camp where junior high girls can feel safe to talk about feelings and faith, lifting the pressures of day to day from their shoulders. They meet and interact with Sisters, role models and peers, discovering their own inner strength based on Christian values. Read more or view photos of this ministry.


PBVM International Collaboration

The Aberdeen Presentation Sisters collaborate with Presentation congregations around the world on projects of justice, spiritual growth and education alleviating oppression and promoting human dignity.


Sister Missionaries

The Presentation Sister’s Leadership Council designates gifts made to the Sisters Missionaries Fund for different ministries of the Sisters.


Sisters Most Needed Programs

The Presentation Sister’s Leadership Council designates gifts made to the sisters’ most needed programs. This designation goes toward whichever Presentation Sisters’ ministry is most in need.


 Sisters Retirement

Gifts to Sisters’ Retirement assists with the daily needs of the Sisters who have retired from their active ministry.


Vocation Outreach Ministry

The Presentation Sisters Vocation Outreach Ministry offers retreat and service opportunities for youth and young adults. The Sisters share their life of prayer and service with these young Catholic women providing leadership and guidance. Read more or view photos of this ministry.