There are many different ways in which you can support the Presentation Sisters’ mission and ministries. We have set up specific funds that support each of our ministries. We also have options for giving to the Sisters’ most needed programs. This allows donors to support our ministries by allowing your gifts to be utilized by the ministry most needing the support at any given time.

Caminando Juntos is an outreach ministry with the Latino population in the Sioux Falls, SD area whose primary purpose is to help create a welcoming presence and to respond to the needs of Latino immigrants as they seek to become a part of their communities and make a home among us in the United States. Working at this ministry includes Sister Janet Horstman, April Ross, Katherine Donis, Angelica Narez, Christy Nicolaisen and Matthew Tschetter. Read more or view photos of this ministry.

The Presentation Sisters Catholic School Scholarship was created as a legacy benefiting Catholic education into the future. The Sisters, along with others who believe in Catholic education, have joined together to support students in need.

General Operating

Gifts to General Operating will assist with the daily needs of the Sisters and operation of Presentation Heights.

The Good Samaritan Ministry allows us to provide temporary financial assistance to our sisters and brothers in need. The goal of the ministry is to help our neighbors meet their most basic needs so they may get back on their feet during difficult times. 

Gifts to this ministry may assist with educational opportunities with youth and adults, awareness and advocacy. Read more or view photos of this ministry.