Mission Development Statement

The Presentation Sisters’s Mission Development Office shares the Mission of the Presentation Sisters, with a spirit of love and joy. We collaborate and actively serve with Presentation people, and together, we work for justice, alleviate oppression and promote human dignity.


Partner Profile

Diane Reiff has known the Sisters since she was in kindergarten, having the privilege of being taught by the Sisters throughout elementary and high school.

Diane continued to stay in contact with the Sisters by attending their sponsored Retreats and by helping with the Presentation Sisters Leadership Camp for junior high girls. Diane stated that one of her friends helped out at the Leadership Camp and encouraged her to give it a try. “I have gone four years and plan to go again this year,” she stated.

“I have always had an admiration for the Sisters and their involvement with people of all ages and a wide variety of needs. They seem to be unstoppable in their mission to seek out others while serving the Lord. The Sisters freely give of themselves to help others while enjoying a wonderful community of talented women. It was easy to say yes to partnering with the Presentation Sisters because of their willingness to give of themselves; I thought I can give of myself in a way I haven’t done before due to their role modeling,” says Diane.