LIVE Leadership Camp

LIVE Camp (Latinas Inspiring Virtuous Excellence) is a faith-based, weeklong experience in the beauty of God’s creation. The Camp engages middle school Latina girls to grow in their relationship with God, embrace their Latina heritage with pride, and be empowered in virtue as leaders in their families, church, community and world.

Held in the Omaha, NE area, days are spent being physically active, learning how to be proactive at school and meeting other young and energized Latinas. They learn better ways to make healthy decisions, increase their self-esteem, grow in their faith and become aware of their potential. We believe this camp provides these girls with some tools to resist destructive behaviors such as alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, premature sexual activity, and other risky behaviors. LIVE Camp provides these young women with the right skills to face life, and its challenges, with confidence and strength.

I’m so grateful to be given the opportunity to be at this Camp. So far we have sang, danced, gone swimming, watched a movie, done crafts and most importantly, learned about God and our faith. Each day is filled with love, knowledge and fun activities. I hope that this Camp never ends so that more young women can come and learn and leave as leaders like I did. ~ Camper

As a junior counselor for three years now, I can truly say that this camp has changed my life. Every year I am fortunate to work personally with the girls, teach them, do activities with them and give them advice to the many issues they may bring with them. Not only do I learn about them, but it has taught me more about myself and the person I want to become. I don’t know where I would be without this camp and I thank God that the Presentation Sisters took the initiative to create this (camp) for Latinas like me. 

We keep in contact with the campers throughout the year via newsletters, emails and visits. We encourage the girls to continue using the leadership skills they learned at camp.  We also invite young women to return to camp as counselors so they may have the opportunity to “give back” and mentor a junior high girl.

In partnership to further the LIVE Camp into the future, we are excited to actively work with a new LIVE Camp Board and 501c3 that will support and enhance this Camp for years to come. Based in Omaha, we feel this new, 100% Latino Board will make an even greater impact to Omaha and the Latino community.  Through their guidance, the Latino community will continue to be strengthened by offering these leadership opportunities to not only the young campers, but to those who have now graduated, or are in professional work environments.

We look forward to the 2021 LIVE Camp. You may find out more information regarding camp by emailing: