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Annual Women on the Prairie Conference













Nicole Phillips, author, speaker, columnist, podcast host and Kindness Champion, will be the featured presenter for the Presentation Sisters’ Women on the Prairie Conference.

Nicole will inspire you to live a more meaningful and productive life, showing why kindness really does matter. In today’s world, we often think of kindness as something that flows from our surplus: our extra time, extra energy, or extra resources, leaving us to ask, “How can I possibly give to others when I don’t have enough for myself?”

We invite you to join us virtually to learn and share together as we navigate and continue to share kindness in a world of uncertainty. We can all do acts of kindness, but it’s not until we are being vessels of kindness in our thoughts, words and deeds that we see radical life changes.

Through Nicole’s virtual presentation, she explores the chain reaction that happens within our bodies when we lead with kindness and in turn how we can feel hopeful that there is indeed much each of us 

can do to create light in a dark world while inspiring kindness and hope in others.

Nicole’s captivating authenticity will challenge you to change the way you live and think, because the life you transform with kindness is your own, and kindness IS contagious!

Don’t miss this exciting and amazing event!

CLICK HERE to learn more about Nicole and her amazing acts of kindness.