In partnership with other Presentation congregations in North America, the International Presentation Association and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, the Aberdeen Presentation Sisters are committed to working for social justice throughout the world. Our congregation focuses on three main justice areas including Care of Creation and Earth Sustainability, Right Relationships and Peacemaking.

Our Sisters shape their ministry around the two feet of justice, direct service, or charity, and systemic change. Concurrently, they provide for immediate needs through direct service, and at the same time, work toward systemic change that will address the deeper causes of many of the problems faced by those we serve. We support our Pax Christi members who work toward a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. We have two Sisters who are lobbying and working for justice issues in the South Dakota Legislature and we promote social and economic justice by being involved in Socially Responsible Investing.

KELOland News recently visited Presentation Convent and highlighted the Sisters’ Care of Creation and Earth Sustainability Ministry.