The center of life for the Presentation Sisters is prayer. It is through this relationship with Christ that each sister finds strength and support for her ministry. Presentation community life allows the sisters to share this spiritual grounding with each other as they live out their vocational call.

Our Mission

We are a vowed faith community who share the mission of Jesus. Inspired by our foundress, Nano Nagle, we willingly go forth to any part of the world to work for justice, alleviate oppression and promote human dignity, especially among the poor. We proclaim the Good News with missionary zeal, in a spirit of love and joy.

Our mission guides our ministry and underlines our spirituality. Our focus on promoting justice and alleviating oppression helps us to determine which of the many needs of God’s people we might best be able to meet through our ministry efforts. This guidance is essential as we minister to those in need all over the world.


We are called by God whose love empowers us to respond as a faith community.

Consecrated by God and inspired by the love and zeal of Nano Nagle, we live together the evangelical counsels and share in God’s mission by alleviating oppression and promoting human dignity in God’s people through prayer and apostolic service.

Charism can be defined as a miraculously given power. The miraculous and God-given gift of the power to love, care for our neighbors, stand for what is right and just, and serve in the image of Jesus drives our mission.

Our Heritage – Coming to Dakota Territory