The Aberdeen Presentation Sisters were honored to host Business After Hours at Presentation Convent on November 9. This monthly event, sponsored by Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce, allows area businesses and non-profits to host a networking mixer at various business locations. The event is held to encourage networking among the city’s business leadership and employees. It is an ideal way to establish contacts and build relationships with fellow business partners in an informal setting.

We were excited to see over 120 Aberdeen community members in attendance and heard many compliments on our amazing facility and how welcomed people felt coming through our doors. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to celebrate and give thanks for all we have accomplished through working together with the people of Aberdeen. The Sisters appreciated thanking the community for their partnerships over the years and were happy to recognize many in the room as Presentation People.  It was truly an amazing night to ignite the sparks of Nano as we prepare to celebrate Presentation Day and Nano’s 300th birthday.

View Sister Janice Klein’s presentation