Presentation Sisters Social Justice Team and Benedictine Sisters with Paul Huttner

Reflections after the 2017 Peace conference

By Sister JoAnn Sturzl

Our recent Peace Conference in Watertown touched me so deeply. The atmosphere was one of love, hope, and conviction about our call to do what we can to make a more peaceful and loving world. Today Richard Rohr ended his daily reflection with this statement: “We live, move, and have our being in love.”  That’s what the conference was about. I experienced all of the presenters speaking from their love for the world and for humanity. Even in the midst of the many serious issues facing us, I left with a sense of hope and gratitude. I was impressed with how far some people drove to be there.

The words of Denny Davis remain with me, concerning the need for us to stay in dialogue with others with whom we have differences: “We need to engage in non-violent conversations with people.”

Many Thanks from the Justice Team

Sisters Kay O’Neil, Sister Michelle Meyers, Gabriella Crowley, Pat Prunty and Cojourners: Jane and Mike Sandsmark

Thank you for your prayers for our 13th annual Pax Christi conference; it was blessed with great enthusiasm and engagement with our speakers. They inspired and educated us on the key issues of climate change, immigration, human trafficking and alternatives to the death penalty. We were so proud of Sister Janet Horstman who gave an outstanding presentation on immigration. Sister Pegge Boehm’s assistance with music and technical support was amazing. Donna Sheehan Williams (Sister Paulette’s sister) provided her wonderful piano accompaniment for prayers. Our underlying theme remains: “Blessed are the peacemakers, they shall be called sons and daughters of God.” (Mt 5:9)     May our Nonviolent Jesus, Mother Mary and Nano bless everyone.

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