The virtue of hope is seen in prayer and scripture. The Prayer of St. Francis prompts us to seek joy and hope in times of sadness and despair. Romans 5:5 tells us that, “… hope does not disappoint.” We place our hope in a loving and faithful God who promises us eternal life, and we rely on the strength of our Lord to carry us though. Hope is a choice for us and this virtue calls us to be fully human as we live in relationship with God and each other.

The message of HOPE has been stirring in many of us. As we unite around our Presentation Mission, we look to how we can join together, helping to carry the burden of others while lifting each other up in a spirit of hope. We are energized for the future as we work to carry on Nano’s mission and charism. The light is shining brightly and we look for new ways to carry this forward together. 


by Sister Lynn Marie Welbig

Hope is knowing in one’s heart that there is a light inside that the darkness can never extinguish.

Hope is God’s Spirit within which will not allow us to believe that all is lost… because ‘all is lost’ is not in God’s modus operandi.

Hope is knowing God can take the worst thing in our world and squeeze new life out of it.

Hope is knowing in our heart that when we have lost our footing, the embrace of God will catch and uphold us.

The virtue of hope is distinguished from optimism or a positive attitude.  Hope is to lean on God as we navigate our lives, knowing our ventures limp without the Spirit’s injection.  Hope stands by us especially when we have nothing else on which to lean.

By the Lord are the steps of a [man] made firm, and He approves his way.  Though he fall, he does not lie prostrate, for the hand of the Lord sustains him.  Psalm 37:9 and 23-24.


We invite you all to join us, as we intentionally inspire HOPE in ourselves and to all those we encounter. Listed below are two downloadable coloring images of hope for you to keep for yourself or share with a friend.