The Presentation Sister’s commitment to Catholic education spans over 225 years, a focus of our Congregational foundation in Ireland since 1775 and remains strong today.

In 2009, with the assistance of generous donors, we began offering scholarships for students in South Dakota to attend Catholic primary and secondary schools in the Sioux Falls Diocese. Throughout the years, we have provided scholarships to over 400 students in amounts ranging from $500 to $1,500.  For this school year we were able to provide 40 – $750 scholarships and three $1,500 scholarships (one to each Catholic high school in the diocese.)

We congratulate these students in being selected to receive the 2020-2021 Presentation Sisters Scholarships.

K-12 Scholarship Winners

High School Scholarship Winners

The Presentation Sister’s foundress, Nano Nagle, taught children in Ireland when it was forbidden by the penal laws. In her spirit, we remain steadfast in our support of Catholic education, sponsoring educational opportunities through scholarships to Catholic schools in our diocese.

Since accepting the invitation of Bishop Martin Marty in the 1880s to come to Dakota Territory and teach children of the Lakota Sioux and European settlers, 232 Presentation Sisters have served as teachers, school administrators, and mentors to over 300,000 students in many rural and Catholic parish schools throughout the Midwest. Although we continue to sponsor Presentation College in Aberdeen, we have shifted our areas of ministry, always adapting to meet the needs of those we serve.