Aberdeen Presentation People work to Inspire more HOPE in 2020

Our hearts were touched as we learned more about the stages of loss this past fall from Sister Lynn Levo and how HOPE stands up, gives us courage and comforts us during feelings of loss. This virtue of hope is seen throughout scripture. Romans 5:5 tells us that, “… hope does not disappoint.” We place our hope in a loving and faithful God who promises us eternal life, and we rely on the strength of our Lord to carry us though. People strive to be happy, but we must accompany this with hope for those times when we feel discouraged or alone.

The message of HOPE has been stirring in us, and how we can intentionally inspire more HOPE around us and within us. Each year we choose a theme to tie into our internal and external communication and marketing. This year we are all things HOPE. We are kicking off our year of Inspiring HOPE on January 20. On this day, some of our younger Presentation People will be visiting the Convent and participating in an arts and crafts project with our sisters. We are excited to bring these two inter-generational groups together so they may share ideas and learn from one another.

Convent employees are being given the opportunity to learn more about becoming a Hope Provider. This new group will meet monthly and share Nano’s mission and charism at a deeper level. As we know, Nano lived during dark times in Cork, Ireland. Despite the odds, she never lost sight of the hope for a brighter future for her people in Ireland. Through determination and prayer, it was her faith in the Lord that sustained her. “I am confident The Great God will direct you to what is most to His glory.  We must think the Almighty permits everything for the best.”

Throughout the year, our speakers, events, mailings and messaging will continue to share the thread of HOPE. One creative way we have shared our messaging in past years is bringing it alive in a shirt. We have ordered long sleeve “Inspire HOPE” shirts for this year and invited sisters and employees to wear these together.  The feedback we have received on how people feel when they wear these shirts and also the positive reactions when someone reads the shirt tells us this message actually does what it says – inspires hope in the reader! We invite you all to join us, as we intentionally inspire HOPE in ourselves and to all those we encounter.