Presentation Sisters feed their spiritual lives through private and community prayer and reflection. Eucharistic Adoration in Blessed Sacrament Chapel is a daily event for sisters living in Aberdeen, while the Prayerline Ministry allows the sisters to become aware of and pray for the needs of those they serve.

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Today the Presentation Sisters can be found ministering to the needs of those in all walks of life, yet they remain grounded in their first ministry: education. Their education ministry has grown from primary and secondary schools to include colleges, parishes, ESL classes, hospitals, seminars and other venues where education is a key component.

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Health Care

The Presentation Sisters often refer to the employees of the Avera Health system as “our heart and hands.” This is because the lay women and men are truly partners in ministry with the Presentation and Benedictine Sisters.

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Cojourners, our lay associates, partner with the Presentation Sisters while they continue their own vocation and career.

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Presentation sisters are a vowed faith community who share the mission of Jesus.

Lighting the Way


Advent Reflections

Latest News

  • Nano Nagle’s legacy

    How do Presentation Sisters today carry on the mission begun decades ago by Nano Nagle? On a Motherhouse Road Trip with the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we talk about their charism, which began with meeting the educational needs of immigrant …

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  • Pope Francis Calls for Nuclear Disarmament

    Pope Francis has renounced the Catholic Church’s conditional acceptance of the policy of deterrence and declared, through the apostolic nuncio, “We go back to the position that the possession and use of nuclear weapons is not at all acceptable,” in a message to the Vienna …

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  • Journey to Justice

    Sisters Myra Remily and JoAnn Sturzl witnessed for peace at the gates of Fort Benning, in Columbus, GA, November 21 – 23 to close the School of the Americas (SOA), a combat training school for Latin American soldiers. The Sisters traveled by bus from Minneapolis …

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