Leadership Camps

Both leadership camps encourage a closer relationship with God while providing a safe, supportive and faith-filled environment to talk about the hopes, dreams and challenges of your Christian faith.

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Health Care

The Presentation Sisters often refer to the employees of the Avera Health system as “our heart and hands.” This is because the lay women and men are truly partners in ministry with the Presentation and Benedictine Sisters.

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Social Justice

Care for Creation/Earth Sustainability - Efforts to care for the earth and its resources have been a part of life for the Presentation Sisters for many years. Two significant renewable energy efforts include an 80-foot wind turbine and 125 solar panels that supplement the Convent’s electricity usage.

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Cojourners, our lay associates, partner with the Presentation Sisters while they continue their own vocation and career.

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Presentation Sisters are a vowed faith community who share the mission of Jesus.



Latest News

  • Are you school shaped?

    Article written by Sister Joyce Meyer, PBVM and Joan O’Reilly, Presentation Sister in the community’s Northern Province of Ireland for the Global Sisters Report In the 1750s when Nano Nagle founded the first of her seven schools in Ireland, the shape of a school was …

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  • Vocation Ambassadors Program Trains Young Adult Catholics to Spread Religious Life

    The Vocation Ambassadors Program is “about building and sustaining relationships on so many levels,” said Sr. Deborah Maria Borneman, a Sister of Saints Cyril and Methodius and director of member relations and services for the National Religious Vocation Conference (NRVC), which created the program. The …

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  • Sisters Host Leadership Camps for Young Women

    Since coming to South Dakota in early 1880, the Presentation Sisters have been dedicated to education ministry. In 1996, sparked by one of their partners, the Sisters continued this commitment by educating junior high girls in a new way, through a leadership camp. Junior high …

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