In Sister Joyce Meyer’s latest blog for the Global Sisters Report, she had the privilege of sitting down with Sister Grace Chia to discuss how to meet children’s real needs when it comes to education and training of teachers.

The Pyinya Sanyae Institute of Education (PSIE), a unique teacher-training program in Yangon, Myanmar, has deep roots in 15th-century France.

Sr. Grace Chia and Jacinta Cardoza are founders of this modern-day training program inspired by the Infant Jesus Sisters‘ founder, Nicolas Barré, a Minim monk who lived and worked with families barely surviving on the margins of society in Amiens. He was convinced that the answer to helping families to find a better life was education.

Needing assistance, he enlisted the help of two young women, distant relatives, to work with him. He guided them in the methodologies of teaching that was both religious and secular, including catechism, math, reading and writing. He advised them speak in a “humble, gentle and simple manner so that even the youngest could understand, and they were to teach only what they themselves had adequately grasped,” according to the Infant Jesus Sisters’ website.

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