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Sister Paulette Garry
Carmen Morrison, Convent Employee
Saturday after Ash Wednesday


It seems to me that God, via Isaiah, is asking us if we are on the right path this fourth day of Lent!  No matter what our answers are at the moment, Isaiah is naming for us the rewards for achieving the goals God wishes for us.  Then the responsorial psalm response gives us the right words for the moment, “Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth”.  With this prayer in our hearts, we are on the right path through Lent.

Luke 5:27-32

In the Gospel, Jesus says, “Follow me” to the tax collector, Levi.  This is the same invitation that we have received from Jesus.  How have we chosen to follow Jesus? This Lenten season may be an opportunity to re-evaluate our relationship with Jesus.   Jesus had a vision for each of our lives before we were conceived.  Do you recognize the plan Jesus has for you?  Do you ask for that plan to be shown to you and then listen and wait for Jesus to respond?  Levi left his old life behind to follow Jesus.  Are we willing to leave our old life behind?  What does leaving our old life behind mean?  Could we find a life where we were kinder, more compassionate, more forgiving?  Could we lead a simpler life, with less possessions and spend more time in prayer and with the people we love?