Sister Mary Jaeger
Wednesday of the First Week of Lent

Lectionary: 226

Today in our Lenten journey readings we meet up again with Jonah that colorful, lively character who is a reluctant prophet. There are many images surrounding Jonah so we can let our imagination run wild if we wish. The story of Jonah is one of the places in the bible where I initially end up laughing as he is such a funny guy especially with the big fish story. We all need humor even while we fast and pray and sit in our bucket of ashes.

As I allow myself to go deeper into the experience from my throne on the ashes the strong themes of mercy and forgiveness emerge where I move on and meet God. In this story God for me becomes a big hearted, generous, loving real person God who is teaching us to love and forgive through His example of loving and forgiving the Ninevites. That is a powerful image for me and all the while God is smiling, loving, compassionate and caring and will lift me out of the ashes when I am called to do so. So I ask myself in all of this, how am I doing on a daily basis of forgiving and loving, and yes difficult as it is even my enemies?

O God fill us with your wisdom and increase our love for your truth. Help us to learn to forgive even when it is difficult so that we may wholly desire to do what is pleasing to you.  Amen