The Gospel and Acts volume of the St. John’s Bible arrived at Presentation College (sponsored ministry of the Presentation Sisters) to coincide with the beginning of the blessed season of Lent and was unveiled to the public at a special “Open House” event Sunday, February 22, 2015. Learn more about the St. John’s Bible, a fully hand-written, illuminated Bible for the 21st Century! Sign up for a special class with Dr. Martin Albl: “The Art of the Bible & the Bible in Art”. This four-week course is FREE of charge and OPEN to the public. All are welcome! To sign up, please call Teresa Garofalo at 605-229-8434. View Dr. Albl’s St. John’s Bible class details HERE

The Mission of the St. John’s Bible is to ignite the spiritual imagination of the world and during the next 12 months, the College will host special events, meditations and prayer services centered on the Bible and its illustrations.  Appointments for group viewings of the Bible will be available while the volume is at Presentation College, over the next 12 months.  For general information, or to schedule a viewing of the Bible, please contact PC’s Vice President for Mission, Stacy Levsen, at 605.229.8401 or .  More information is available here: and here: .

Learn more about the Bible, and view this modern masterpiece on the second floor of the Presentation College’s main building. The Bible is a fully hand-written, illustrated Bible that is the first of its kind in 500 years.

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