Hittle, Michi and abi 2012Michi Hittle, Cojourner

Tuesday of the Third Week of Lent

Two personal choices, trust and forgiveness, are very close to our hearts during Lent due to their association with sin. So often we hear about the importance of forgiving and trusting others in our faith journey.  Yet, in order to forgive and trust others we need to be able to forgive and trust ourselves.  Forgive ourselves for those thoughts and behaviors which led us to sin.  Trust ourselves to do better and learn from our sin.  To forgive and trust we must push aside our pride, anger, and fear and follow with our hearts in hopes of creating a better relationship or experience with others, or with ourselves.  Lent is a great time to look within and follow the guidance given to us by Jesus to follow his actions of trusting and forgiving.  Only when we choose to let go of our wrongdoing to ourselves and others can we be free to truly follow God. 


Today, Lord, I ask you to help me trust and forgive,
Myself and others so that my heart is free to follow you.
May your everlasting love continue to guide me,
And may my choices to trust and forgive honor you.
In your name I pray.