Sister Janet Schumacher
Thursday of the Third Week of Lent

Readings: Jer 7:23-28; Psalm 95:1-2, 6-7, 8-9; Lk 11:14-23

Theme:   Finding Blessings in our Hardships

A Lenten grace that I ask of the Lord is to listen as given in the first reading of Jer 7:  “Thus says the Lord: Listen…(.intentionally pay attention to God’s ways)”.   Letting the Spirit teach me to listen, enlightens me (us) to see again from God’s perspective.  Receiving   blessings within the challenges, difficulties, sufferings, joys  that I’ve personally experienced and others experience in their lives,  strengthens trust and joyful hope in the Lord Jesus.

 I’ve been blessed with a cancer patient sharing the loss of his wife.   When he feels the loneliness and misses his wife, he says it is less lonely when I thank God for her love.  I found blessings in my personal loss of a loved one recently when I gratefully remember the outpouring of prayers and support of my community, friends, and colleagues.

I rediscovered an image of Christ when I saw a parent eagle nesting with snow and ice covered around their nest.    Wow! Could this be a way that our Creator of the Universe surprises us with the warmth of Love in the midst of our inner winter times?   Is this example only among  many examples in our lives that we are called to be awaken to the sacramental graces  in  all creation especially in times of sorrow, losses, injustices and peacemaking?

How is the Breath of all Life breathing new life, gratitude and hope in our lives and all creation during this Lenten season?  Spend time today reflecting how Divine Wisdom redefines wisdom and strength through the crosses of life.  

 We praise and thank you, Divine Wisdom, the source of all blessings in our hardships.