Darlene GutenkaufPaddy_Pete_Mehlhaff_CroppedSister Darlene Gutenkauf
Paddy Mehlhaff, Cojourner
Saturday of the Second Week of Lent

While he was still a long way off, his father caught sight of him, and was filled with compassion.   Luke 15: 20

The word compassion means to suffer together. In the experience we saw how God suffered with both of his sons. The father is filled with joy that his was son was lost and has found his way home safe and sound. The father must have spent many days watching and waiting for his son’s return.

Do we believe that God watches and waits for us? Do we believe that God loves us and is leading us home?

Do we recognize that at different times in our lives we behave like both of the sons? Both sons needed to know they were loved unconditionally for who they were and not for what they did.

In our Lenten prayer may we experience that God suffers with us in the challenges we face in our lives. God may not take away our suffering but he promised to be with us in our pain. May we also experience God’s unconditional love.