professional_joan_marie_brandnerSister Joan Marie Brandner
Friday of the Fourth Week of Lent

As I write this I am inspired by Paul Philibert, OP who shares his insights in my daily prayer booklet.

 “His hour has not come.”  At that hour God will make clear who Jesus is and what he came to do.

The word in our scriptures today is tension.  Yes, tension is building up as we follow Jesus into the moment that will be the culmination of his life and the transformation of ours.  The decisive “hour” for humanity is arriving — the moment that will forever separate grace from law, love from fear, and hope from anxiety.

The scripture’s use of this “hour” stresses unpredictability.  And, this is not earthly time, but, God’s eternity in our midst, not past or future, but, redeeming presence.  By entering into our human condition, God’s Messiah took our work and weariness, our labor and love, upon himself and sanctified it.  Now, by living all that is human and ordinary, we find ourselves imitating God.

Yes, today’s Scripture prepares us for the coming drama of Jesus’ hour.  When that hour comes, heaven will embrace earth, and the Son of God will pour his redeeming blood over humanity.  We have these Lenten Days to prepare ourselves for that hour, to understand it, to ponder it, and to be transformed by it.  His “hour” will also be our “hour” since he has invited us to follow him to share the sacrifice he offers for our salvation.

Let us pray:  May God fulfill in us the promise of salvation and new life and give us peace.  Amen.