“Jesus was moved with indignation, and said unto them, allow the little children to come unto me; forbid them not: for to such belongs the kingdom of God” (Mark 10:14)

Greetings from a hot and very green Zambia! We’ve had a good rainy season this year and the crops are looking plentiful! This will be a great benefit for the economy and for food supply in the year ahead.
Many of you heard about the journey of two young boys that we work with here in Kalomo, Kenny and Danny. They were about 11 and 12 years old when we found them living on their own and selling fruit on the streets of Kalomo to survive.
Through your generous donations, we began sponsoring them to go to school. They are full time students in grade 9. They can now speak English as well as read and write. They have also taken on responsibility of Kenny’s younger brother Nipo, so that he can get an education as well. Nipo is in grade 6 at Kalomo basic school.
The young boys were living in a small one room mud hut that collapsed in the heavy rains. They were sleeping on the dirt floor at night with one blanket to keep them warm during the cold season.
We approached you our friends, donors and partners in ministry with the hope of building homes for children such as these. Your responses were abundant and generous! We are so grateful and extremely happy to announce that the first house is near completion and Kenny, Danny and Nipo have a home! They have moved into the two rooms that are completed. They now have mattresses to sleep on for the first time. They have some furniture, dishes, food, and even a soccer ball to kick around in their new yard. There is a beautiful garden, a tap for water and a bathroom.
At the moment they are using solar lights that we provided for the night time. We are in the process of wiring the house for electricity and will soon build another larger room for a sitting room. This will give the boys two bedrooms and much needed space.
The boys were living in a very rough and overcrowded compound. They now live in a very open, well kept and peaceful area of Kalomo. We often see them with big smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts these days. Thank you for putting those smiles on three beautiful faces! Enjoy the pictures and see what you have done for some of the most vulnerable in this world!
With gratitude and admiration for your great generosity,
Sister Deb Nelson
Presentation Sisters Zambia
Kalomo, Zambia