2016 Bordeaux Group photoSister Joan Marie Brander attended the Personality and Human Relations (PRH) International Conference held in Bordeaux, France this year. This three weeks of intensive working conference was attended by 140 educators representing 32 countries – from Argentinia to Zimbabwe; from Ukraine to Australia; from Canada to Algeria and all the countries in between including Papua New Guinea, of course. “What a great boast this work has given all of us who attended the conference,” says Sister Joan Marie. “What influenced me the most was the integrity and commitment of each person to work toward giving men and women a sense of their dignity in the countries where they live.”

Sister Joan Marie Brandner earned her PRH educator license in 1989, and PRH is offered in every continent. It has a unique place in the area of personal growth in that it offers individuals the means to grow; means which can be learned and applied in a person’s everyday life. There are workshops and personal accompaniment to help people use these means.

The “holding your breath” moment at the conference was the location announcement of the next International Meeting, which will be in Argentina in 2020!

-PRH? What is it really?
-It is an organization for the purpose of doing research on the human person.
-it stands for PERSONALITY which aims at helping persons become who they really are.
What God intends. What God has meant for them to BE and DO.
-It stands for HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS — relating to others from one’s best self.
-It helps a person grow and improve relationships and make good decisions.
-It helps one overcome obstacles and problems in every area of one’s life.
-In a nutshell: to live better!

-It is meant for adults.
-It is worldwide.
-Right now, at this moment, there are 30 workshops going on in the 4 corners of the earth.
-It accelerates the HUMANIZATION of SOCIETY.
-There are 200 licensed educators in the world and I happen to say that I am one.
-Thousands of people have benefited by this adult growth program since its incorporation in France in 1970.
-In any given year, approximately 41,000 are actively involved worldwide.
-it is in 8 main languages.

-It is a fresh new approach.
-It is based on Karl Rogers and the key of that is —
“Beyond problems, there is a zone deep in a person which can be accessed.— a zone of peace.”
– Quote from Andre Rochais, the founder:
“Therein lies an array of rich qualities which constitutes the personality.”
“There is a universal human with layers of culture added on.”
Andre Rochais is the founder of PRH. He is a Frenchman who lived from 1921 to 1990.

The good news is —
This science of the human person is accessible to all.
It is a method that works for all.
It is a new kind of learning: we learn to “read” and interpret what is going on within ourselves.
We explore our inner world for the sake of living better.