women-retreat2016The Aberdeen Presentation Sisters Celebrated Foundation Day by Empowering Women Through an Annual Event

In keeping with their mission, the Aberdeen Presentation Sister have committed themselves to empowering women through supportive networks and improving the condition of women through awareness and action.  The Presentation Sisters strongly support and work diligently to alleviate oppression and promote human dignity and they want to stand with women and help women who may be in need. 

In an effort to continue that support, the sisters hosted a women’s conference in October 1995 to celebrate the Presentation Sisters’ Foundation Day.  With the success of this event, the sisters decided that they would make the conference an annual event with one goal being to reach women from every strata of our local society and meet them at their personal need level, both spiritually and economically.  A second goal was to develop networks of mutual support in advocacy for women.

The Women on the Prairie Conference, which is designed to be a light-hearted event, provides attendees with positive, self-help information.  It’s a time to laugh, share stories, network and enjoy some much needed time with other women.  Over the past 20 years we’ve had a number of wonderful speakers from across the state and feel very fortunate that we continue to provide a successful event for attendees who are prairie women at heart.

The Presentation Sisters also regularly host a women’s Lenten Retreat each spring and a women’s golf tournament each June.  Since our first event held in 1995, over 2,500 women have attended one or more of our events.  The conference and retreat are underwritten by proceeds from the annual golf tournament.