“Who am I and who are you? You and I are children of the universe, we are earthlings, children of Mother Earth. No matter our color or creed or tribe, we all belong to the household of the Holy One. Let us bow in reverence to the One who is the center point of all cultures and all beings: the Light within all life, the Face behind all face, the Color within all colors, the Heart within all hearts.”

Sister Teresita Abraham shares her story with the Global Sisters Report. She is a Presentation Sister from India and lives in rural Zambia, Africa. She is passionate about the new creation story and spirituality of being in communion. Together with the local community she has created the Garden of Oneness, a Sanctuary of Peace and Harmony where she lives and works.

Her story begins, “It was Dec. 24, the Jubilee Year 2000. In the early hours of the night, we enacted the Christmas story in a rural center of our parish, St. Kizito in Kabanaga, Zambia. Bo Patricia, who is a team member of the Garden of Oneness, was then in full-term pregnancy with her 10th child. She acted the part of Mother Mary and it was so real as she carried her own child.”

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