Sister Myra Remily’s letter to the editor was published in the Aberdeen newspaper February 5, 2017

What is pro-life? As I see and listen to our national, international and state situations right now I have to ask myself what truly is pro-life. Yes it is for the life of the unborn and I am all for that. However pro-life is also welcoming the stranger, preventing domestic violence and gun/street violence and removing the death penalty.

Is it not for the need of affordable and accessible health care for everyone? Is it not for the refugee fleeing death in their respective country? Is it not for the need for peaceful negotiations in place of nuclear threat? What about our violence against the environment, our air, our land and water? Would someone consider a person come into your home and destroying it an act of violence against your home? Is it not the same when we destroy our water, land and air? The planet is our home and these three things are our sustenance of life. We cannot live without them.

Pro-life is to preserve our planet let us be kind to it.

So what is pro-life? Pro-life are acts that preserve life not destroy or abuse it. All aspects of life are precious.

Sister Myra Remily